2023 - 2024 Xyway® LFR® Fungicide Equipment Program

The 2024 FMC Xyway® LFR® Fungicide Equipment Program has been established to increase access for growers who need to use Xyway LFR fungicide via indirect placement that aligns with label requirements per crop i.e., 2x2 inch, 2x2x2 dual-placement, or similar placements. This incentive is designed to reimburse growers, in part, for the cost of equipment used to help growers experience Xyway LFR fungicide and its game-changing, systemic, inside-out protection.

Growers can earn an incentive of $2 per acre when applying the full rate of Xyway LFR fungicide to be used toward qualifying equipment purchases up to $6,000. The rebate cannot exceed the equipment cost and equipment must be purchased during the current program year July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.


  1. FMC reserves the right to change any or all features of the 2023-2024 Xyway LFR Fungicide Equipment Program for growers.
  2. Proof of purchase is required. Only product purchased from an FMC authorized distributor or retailer is eligible for payment under this program.
  3. Payments will only be paid to corn, cotton or soybean growers who use Xyway LFR fungicide on corn, cotton or soybeans.
  4. Incentive checks will not be issued for less than $300.
  5. Misreported sales of any type will be a clear violation of this program and will be subject to audit and possible forfeiture of all payments.